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  1. Thanks! In the nine months I have had X Plane 11, the learning curve is much too steep! Thanks for being there, and yes, it took me about two weeks to clear up some issues with other realistic gauges not integrating properly and X plane not letting me load a dark paneled mod to the 172--and it has been working for weeks. Realism requires complexity, I accept that, but this is the plug and play generation and the 21st Century. (Note: I deleted that aircraft. Spending too much time with the game instead of flying to remain proficient and learn some new things.) Again, very nice equipment and integration and thanks for the support! RB
  2. Would someone please provide some guidance on operating the G5. Great integration into X Plane, thanks. I looked in the folder for an operational manual, but didn't find one. I can select between the AI and the DG/HSI but can't change things: e.g., baro/ altitude. I just installed the G5 and found, in this forum how to get it to pop up, but.... What am I missing? Again, thanks for this equipment. I purchased XPlane for realism, and it is close. I enhanced some scenery for VFR flying, and it is close. I purchase some other realistic gauges and they are close to the real thing. Now with the G5, well, might be as close to realism as this gets. Okay, thanks again for the G5 and I look forward to see what I missed!
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