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  1. I also just bought SMP 4.9 and also think it is a great tool with beautiful 3D clouds. It works very well with FSGRW and the many extra settings - raindrops, cloud rotation, snowflakes, rays of the gods and much more. Great work! The only thing I really miss are stratus clouds. SMP 4.9 cannot display them - that's a pity. Stratus clouds are more often seen than Cumulus I would like to pay 50% of the purchase price for version 5.0 but I would only pay if Stratus clouds are included. Is it possible to say if SMP will display stratus clouds in the future? Then the tool would b
  2. Okay, great and I say thank you then it worked with the communication after all
  3. Sorry, my english is not so good. I use a translator. I expressed myself wrong or they misunderstood me. You can change cloud textures without interrupting the XP11. They will be adopted immediately. Also sky colors are taken over without interruption of the XP11. ... but only 2 pieces- Default Sky Colors and SkyMaxx Hosek-Wilie Sky Model, all others are not taken over. I also don't want to restore the weather event. I can change cloud textures and they are displayed immediately. I can save this selection. But the saved cloudset will be displayed after the selection wi
  4. Hello Recently I bought Skymaxx pro v496 and I think it is excellent.Great work!But I also have problems with itI have put together a set of clouds and placed them at- Export Settings - savedIf I want to call it later on, via- Import Settings - can I select itthen I click on - Load -The Load button turns green for a short time, but the selected set isnot loaded.Also with - Sky Colors - I can select any, but onlyDefault Sky Colors and SkyMaxx Hosek-Wilie Sky Model - loaded.All other Sky Models are not taken over still use XP 11.41 What am I doing wrong, or what does not work here?Than
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