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  1. Thanks for responding....I followed Ben's suggestion..........it did clean up the useless noise, however; didn't see a significant frame rate change. Going to hold off on making computer changes for right now, even with the computer limitations, the plane is really given me a lot of enjoyment.......thanks for that. Please note that I did try to update to the TBM900 new version, but it fails (crashes) when executing loading. I gave up thinking that my computer wasn't capable. I will probably try again later down the road, if it fails, I'll send you the Log.txt. Thanks again. T
  2. Greetings…Hoping to get some answers for “Frame rate” issue, I'm having with the TBM900, while attempting to participating in on-line flying with X-IvAp. As long as I don’t get close to another plane there is no frame rate problem. As soon as I do, it drops to 1 maybe 2 fps. The only way to recover is changing the view to chase, which then it recovers to 35 plus, I can then go the plugin menu disconnecting from the X-IvaP server and the frame rate returns to normal. Also note that thru working with one of the online flyers trying to find the source of the problem, we found by having him dis
  3. Thanks for the help.......Look forward to update.......I 'm not using "Metal" incidentally for it actually kills my fps.
  4. Good day,First off I want to mention how great this model is, the level of detail is awesome. I am running the latest BETA 11.50 b17 on my iMac 2013 Mojave Version 10.14.6 3.4GHz Intel Core i5 24 GB ram. This is by far the best purchase I've made so far! Log.txtI have a couple questions about my TBM 900. 1. I haven’t a clue how to change the livery. The TBM 900 folder has the various liveries listed, but my search for how to install them has failed.I would assume that in the “Air Frame Manager” tab would be the likely place to perform the tasks, but I can only add or delete aircraft an
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