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  1. Now that livery window works too. Apparently all I had to do was select a livery to begin with.
  2. I figured it out quite by accident. It is a drop down top right when customizing an airplane.
  3. Thank you, how do I " use the default X-Plane livery selector"?
  4. Hi I have x-plane 11.5 and the sim works great except that I cant change the livery from the default white. i did download a couple of liveries. It shows an error and doesn't even give an option to select a livery. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Screenshot of error attached.
  5. I have only the blank white livery out of the box though i have other livery folders. The 4th tab shows this error, screenshot attached. How do I enable a livery in the first place and make changes like tail number?
  6. My PFD and MFD work, but most of the center console does not. Is that because it is still under development? Windows version.
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