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  1. Mainly because I really didn't promote piracy.... Can't say that I use pirated copies just because of a picture on the website.
  2. Hello everyone, my account was accused of sharing piracy for no reason, I asked XA to provide me with evidence of piracy, the support reply I received on March 26th was: [the following file came from you].. there After that, I sent a reply email to XA, and I haven't received any reply since then. What I want to ask is, why does only one picture prove that I am a [pirate sharer?] Where is the original URL of this website published of?I hope XA can give me a complete proof. Thanks.
  3. After these parameters were added, all my planes had to be reactivated...
  4. I need them for a night flight, where are the cabin lights and cockpit lights turned on?
  5. I don't know why, the landing gear won't lock after the engine is off
  6. Dear developer, I don’t know if it is a normal phenomenon or a bug. After I turned off the power, I found that the wing lights were still on. What is the situation?
  7. Are many of the cockpit instruments of the Boeing 737 classic series converted to NG?
  8. I like Boeing 733-735 very much. Will they have 400 or 500 variants in the future? In addition, I would like to ask, how do you open the cabin door of the plane?
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