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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my concern. I do understand the purpose of the fans and that it does run continuously but at a low speed and quietly. I guess I didn't make my concern clear enough. It just seemed odd to me with the SR22s the loud and continuous fan was making me concerned. Anyway I used a software to see what is happening. The SR22s use a lot of resources and the temperature passes 75 degrees Celsius increasing the fan speed. My other planes such as Hot Start TBM never gets past 62 degrees Celsius even with SOCAL ORBX running (outside ORBX area 57 degrees Celsius), wh
  2. My PC is not a beefy one (GTX 1660ti, i5 9600k, 16gig memory). With both the Integra and G1000 SR22s my PC fan is continuously running to the point I am so worried, I don't fly these planes more than half an hour. This doesn't happen with any of the other planes I have (TBM by Hotstart, IXEG737, AFL Kingair350 and C172 to name a few of the ones I have). Is there a reason why this is so? I appreciate your input.
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