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  1. Is there one for Parking Brake? Can’t find it in list
  2. Thank you . Have now configured pop up and working great :-)
  3. Hi fellow Simmers! I have the G1000 PFD/MFD EMUTEQ hardware devices from UK....must be the only one without RealSimGear!!! I would like to pop-out G1000 windows without bezels (place on EMUTEQ G1000 hardware screens). I see in the manual and in forum, you can select this in Xplane11 on top window -'Cirrus SR22TN G1000, Toggle G1000MFD/PFD w/o Bezel'. However, when I select 'Cirrus SR22TN G1000' the only options available in drop down are: Toggle Aircraft Window, Toggle Electrical Window, Toggle Engine Window. There are no options in xplane 'Plugins' drop down menu either..
  4. Hi Team, Thanks for a great plane! Just wondering why you haven't implemented the TOGA switch on throttle? Handy for Takeoff and go-arounds so i can follow FD. Right now for Takeoff I use FD in PIT (7 degrees up) . Cheers Chris
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