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  1. I noticed in Tim Morgan's video here he has the same problem. Maybe I am the only one who is bugged by this, but I think it looks like a pretty sloppy autopilot!
  2. Hi @Coop, I sent you a DM with the logs (let me know if it would be useful to post them here for others) Looking cloesly at the video, what's happening in roll is interesting - the autopilot is actually overshooting in roll. What happens in pitch at the end is also interesting - at first it undershoots considerably in pitch as the flight director bars move up.
  3. Thanks @Coop ! For sure - what's the best way to send the logs to you?
  4. I attach here a video showing what I'm talking about. This is after I disabled the Noble Flight software and unplugged their yoke and throttle and all their other gear. This is most definitely not how the real GFC700 looks when it's given instructions! 1452670819_MyVideo-2.mp4
  5. I am having a problem where the GFC700 autopilot on the Torquesim SR22 can't keep up with the flight director. The flight director knows the right thing to do, but the autopilot is very slow to follow. Has anyone seen this, or do the Torquesim folks have any ideas for how to troubleshoot this? It is partiuclarly bad when I have clouds on, although you would think on an i9-11900K with 64GB of RAM and an RTX 3090 X-Plane could handle this!
  6. Hey @Coop, my previous fix to this problem seems to no longer be working. There is now a 1-2 second lag between the flight director bars and the autopilot bars which makes the autopilot really wobbly. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could fix this? I am using the Noble hardware in bypass model if that makes any difference. I'm on an i7 CPU with 1080 graphics card getting ~45fps with all the graphics settings turned down low, if that makes any difference. If there's an official Torquesim support forum please feel free to direct me there!
  7. Thanks @coop. I found a forum post that suggested increasing the X-Plane Flight Models Per Frame, and I increased that to 4 and it seems to have largely solved the problem. It did look like there was something quite laggy going on, which is weird as I'm getting 60fps in X-Plane.
  8. Thanks @Coop, I did some further investigation and I think it turned out to be a weird interaction between the Noble autopilot and the TS autopilot both fighting each other. Another question -- have you ever seen the GFC700 autopilot struggling to keep up with the flight director bars, and as a result scalloping around a couple of hundred fpm in turns?
  9. @Cameron Have you ever seen a problem where the GFC700 autopilot can't keep up with the flight director, and as a result it scallops around +/- 200fpm when making turns on HDG mode? I am using the Noble hardware in bypass mode if that makes any difference.
  10. Has anyone else had problems with this release where the elevator gets jammed all the way down (like 90 degrees to the ground), sending the aircraft into an uncontrollable dive? This has happened to me a few times and it is super annoying. I am using the Noble Flight Sim side yoke hardware if that makes any difference.
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