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  1. It’s not a deal breaker, but it also comes across latest reviews, so we should be fair in requesting a fix. seen this one? SMP vs UWXP Regards, THC
  2. Can confirm the cloud effects near cumulus with Oculus Rift S on Beta11 Xplane. Just purchased Skymaxx Pro as UWXP failed in VR, working seamless with ASXP. Now SMP is far better than UWXP in terms of interface and stability. But also not usable in VR for now. My description of the problem is : the 2d cloud layer feels like glued or sticked onto my goggles and moves with my head. If the distance increases from the clouds, all is perfect. For an Airliner, its essential to have solid fly through effects, so I wonder what makes the standard laminar clouds better here? Anyway, thanks for your support in advance, looks like a dedicated team behind SMP, great to see. THC
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