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  1. So if I reinstall can I choose the non beta version, because when I did a reinstall I didnt see that option again come up to choose beta or non beta..it did the very first time I ran it..but that option doesnt appear any longer when i reinstall it.
  2. I have the same issue, can you point me in the direction, send link on where this question was addressed?
  3. Should I manually remove and uninstall program and plug in, from plug in folder. Than reinstall again?
  4. It was working fine before.
  5. I did. I didnt unistall it manually first. During the new installation it uninstalled than installed it. Still not working. I am using XPLane 11.5 Vulkan
  6. Recently updated Skymax Pro to 4.9.4. I installed it fine, activated it fine, but when I start XPlanbe I get a pop up window saying remove or update plugin...I see the plug in, in the plug ins menu on top and see SkyMax Pro, but everything is un clickable..I goto developers enable, disable plug in and se the box is unchecked and I am un able to enable it?
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