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  1. Sorry - I did not see your response until later. I actually just went ahead and completely reinstalled the aircraft and that seemed to fix the problem.
  2. Hi, I am finding that I am able to select the VS via the up and down keys, but if I try to dial in a selected altitude, the display still shows "00" It will not change. It will sometimes show "000" for a second but then go back to 00. I have tried using my mouse to scroll through the altitudes, I tried to just select and drag the knob - nothing works. Any ideas?
  3. I unfortunately reverted back and used the sim before I was able to grab those for you. Nevertheless, I saw this issue brought up on another portion of the forum, and the screen shots showed the same issue I was having. I tried the suggested fix listed here and it worked perfectly and I was able to finally get the beta version of Gizmo to work. I just wanted to pass it along for anyone else who may have run into the same issue.
  4. It is definitely the Beta Gizmo version that is at fault. I went ahead and tried the installation again, but chose Beta Gizmo. Ran into the same issue - SilverLiningV4.clouds and Sundog.metar errors came up. Hopefully that will help anyone else going forward. Just use the Stable Version of Gizmo. Beta is acting like... a Beta. Thanks for your help tonight. I'm glad we got it working!
  5. So, I did use the new installer - went back to my account, downloaded and unzipped and ran the file directly from the folder that popper up, so it was the new installer. I went ahead and downloaded again just now, was able to get it to work this time. This time I ran it with the stable version of Gizmo and it worked, so I'm thinking that is the issue. I'm going to give it a try later tonight and try installing again and use the beta to see if it really is the issue or not since I can at least figure out how to get it to work now. Thanks!
  6. I tried again - downloaded the new installer, same issue. Going to try to re-install now and try the stable version of Gizmo. I'm having the same issue with SilverLiningV4.clouds." as well as one listed as sundog. I'll try again and report back in a few.
  7. I am having this same issue. I tried the beta version of Gizmo, didn't work. Reinstalled, used the stable version - same error. Getting the "Please Remove or Update Plugin, SkyMaxx Pro, SilverLiningV4.clouds." error. Restarted Xplane numerous times. Running 11.50B10. Thank you.
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