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  1. I have manually installed AIRAC 2006 cycle. Then I reverted to 11.50b9 and had the same issue. I left the navdata untouched so it could be the problem. Marius_B no not use Navigraph data and still have the ILS problem. But if you look at Marius_B:s screenshot you can see that the Obstacle database seems to be new. So 11.50b10 could have messed up the navdata in some way. I'll try to use the navdata from beta 9.
  2. I reverted to 11.50b9 but I still have the same ILS issue. Tried ESSV again, no CDI. Then I flew to ESGG and got vectors for ILS rwy 21 approach. Again the same issue. Marius_B: Do you have AIRAC 2006?
  3. I flew to two different airports. EKCH and ESSV, EKCH: After vectors I tried to get established on ILS DME RWY 22R approach. ESSV: After vectors ILS Z rwy 21. I switched to LOC but couldn't see CDI. I got the glideslope but the aircraft couldn't catch it so I could only use it as information for the manual land. This started in X-plane 11.50b10. I flew many ILS approaches in 11.50b9 without issues.
  4. I have the same issue. ILS approach doesn’t seem to work in 11.50b10. Flew to EKCH and ESSV today and had the same problem. Had to land manually with no Localizer information. Did you figure out a solution?
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