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  1. I cannot pull a flight plan by the CALLSIGN but I can pull it with setting departure and arrival airport
  2. You are not being helpful you are being condescending and unhelpful. My video card is failed but it still works on one output? And it magically failed only the hdmi port when my screens went black loading into Xplane after installing your beta plugin not the hundreds of hours before? I am asking you for help figuring out how to remove what ever corrupted my Windows through your plugin and video card files to cause this not coincidental event that just happened, please. Thank you.
  3. If I can use one monitor right now and the driver installed how has my video card failed? The screens all went black when I started Xplane with your plugin it worked fine before. Now the HDMI output does not work and the video card in Windows says there is an error. I tried manys teps uninstall device in device manager, reboot in safe mode and use display driver uninstaller. Your plugin has corrupted some file in Windows and my video card is not working right. The DVI output works not the HDMI. It is not a coincidence this happened loading Xplane with the beta plugin. Please help.
  4. I am not happy at all. Safe mode boot, Display Driver Uninstaller. Restarted and installed Nvidia driver again. Still device reporting problems. What has your plugin done to my video card and how can I fix this??
  5. Device Manager: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" Search automatically for updated driver, "best driver is installed" ??
  6. Downloaded Gizmo64 v20.06.08.0325 beta Moved plugin to my desktop, unzipped the beta version to my plugin folder Xplane 11.50 beta 9 Started Xplane Screens went black, restarted computer, only 1 monitor is working HDMI monitor is not seen by Windows 10 Pro Downloaded and reinstalled Nvidia drivers not successful to get monitor back Help?
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