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  1. Hello, I study the assembly of a home cockpit and the throttle of the TBM 900 is a challenge. Please help: is it possible to configure hot keys to activate the throttle conditions (flight idle, high idle, low idle and cut off)? Thank you very much for your time. Jefferson
  2. Hello, when trying to install the latest version of the plugin, this error is displayed: "problem running post-install step. installation may not complete correctly real weather connecter. Error running f: \ downloads \ Real Weather Connecter1.1 / vcredist_x64.exe / q / norestart: Program ended with an error exit code ". I ran the installer as an administrator. S.O .: Windows 10 64 bits updated. Thank you for your help. Jefferson
  3. Hello, I installed version 4.9.3 to see the improvements. I am still evaluating the performance and quality and I would like a clarification on the design of the clouds as the attached images. They do not seem very realistic, mainly due to the quantity in columns. Is there anything I can configure to improve this? Thank you. Jefferson
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