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  1. Unable to enter text into settings tab (menu). Where I put such info as Navigraph and Simbrief login info.
  2. Descending into KMDW was just sitting waiting for my next ATC instruction (VATSIM). AP was on VNAV/NAV mode ATS was on as well. Wasn't doing anything in the cockpit or clicking anything outside the game. Just chatting on discord (voice). Log.txt
  3. Seem to do it while the aircraft external textures are still "loading". Seems to take them a bit and every time I go from inside to outside. This does not happen with any other aircraft.
  4. When switching from internal to external view on the ground or in flight I get some stuttering (FPS drop) for a few seconds.
  5. Beacon light is quite dim even in external view (AT NIGHT) its hard to see unless you are looking for it.
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