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  1. I've tried doing it according to the manual, but anything input into the PRESET line is treated as a frequency.
  2. Use MFD ADV on one of the CDUs
  3. Is there any other way of tuning frequencies saved in presets other than doing a copy-paste in the FMS? I have set a few presets but entering 1 in COM 1 PRESET results in setting 121.10 and entering P1 does nothing on PRESET and returns INVALID FREQUENCY in the active field. The only way I can tune those seems to be pressing the LSK left of the preset to copy it and pressing the LSK next to the active or preset line. Got that from the ProLine docs:
  4. I have entered: 128.8/EPWA S APP (with spaces) into COM 1 preset 2, resulting in a freeze of FMS1 and subsequent CTD. Log.txt
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