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  1. Thank you very much! Upgrading MS Visual C++ library helped a lot (read as: resolved the issue). M20R G1000 with SVT
  2. Dear AFM team, Thanks for the update. Install went flawlessly (prior uninstall of PB4 through the installer) However, I'm unable to "relicense" through either version of GIZMO (tried both - did run the installer twice..). After running the license manager GIZMO states, that everything is OK and the M20 collection is a valid license. But - the M20 model does not work (looking through the eyes of the pilot on opaque blue windscreens). I tried many different ways to solve the situation (uninstall / reinstall PB5), restart X-Plane 11.50B10, reregister though GIZMO, .. nothing
  3. @Coop Thank you - looking forward for the 11.50 update of the M20 pack ..
  4. Dear all, I just installed XP 11.50b6 on a (powerful) Win10 machine (used XP 11.41 before). Works flawlessly with LR C172 - both in OpenGL as well as in Vulkan mode However, when trying to load any Mooney from the M20 pack XP crashes on loading the aircraft. This behavior is independent whether Vulkan is enabled or not. M20 pack worked with XP 11.41. Any thoughts on this issue? Regards, Matthias
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