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  1. link? (I don't know what the ORG is)
  2. Not doubting you, but if I apply the same weather conditions in vanilla X-Plane, I've never seen convergence issues like this before. I mean, its very obvious and creates a kind of double-vision that I'm pretty sure I would have noticed before I started using SkyMaxx, though admittedly I don't fly in the fog a whole lot. Do you have a post to reference or a scenario I could try to see this? I would certainly rather report this to LR if the problem is on the XP side.
  3. I have a big favor to ask. Would it be possible to consider a feature that would provide the ability to either turn off or tone down (by say, a percentage) turbulence. The problem is that turbulence is (to put it mildly) nauseating for many (including me) in VR. This is, of course, not a bug as I know you are just feeding X-Plane and Sky-Maxx the real-world conditions. So this would really be just a comfort option for folks who use VR and find the simulation of turbulence to be very uncomfortable and would like to tone it down or eliminate it. Thanks!
  4. Unfortunately, with cloud/terrain blending turned to max, the lines continue to show--though they may be a bit more subdued. But still quite noticeable and distracting (cloud shadows are turned off). The more disruptive thing, however, are the left-right eye convergence issues in VR, which are bad enough that I can't really use the overcast settings. If you look at the first picture pair below (taken at the same instant) and can manage to cross your eyes to see the 3D picture, you'll see that there is a kind of mirage effect that is produced in the terrain due to the images in the left and
  5. Regarding cloud color, I was also going to comment too. I'm a new user, so I don't know if color has changed, but I find that the darker parts of cumulus clouds do have an unnaturally brownish color to them during times of the (virtual) day when I wouldn't expect any color at all. I'm looking out my window now (IRL) at a sky full of similar clouds at 9am and the darker areas are distinctly colorless (gray). A relatively minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but I'm thinking cloud color may be more saturated than it needs to be.
  6. Seems a bit improved. Maybe performance is a little better, but still too heavy for practical VR IMO. Also, in VR, continue to get strange lines and bad convergence on close-up clouds and overcast skies, so can't use in those conditions. Also curious is that sun now gets completely lost in haze at midday (just see a hazy spot in the sky and no form to the sun). Sun does show later in the day when its closer to the horizon (also, sun continues to appear extremely LARGE in VR--way, way bigger than IRL). It's still experimental, I know, and still using on beta X-Plane 11, so don't take as co
  7. I can now confirm that this does happen. After a fresh install of X-Plane 11, I confirmed the sun was there. I then installed SkyMaxx Pro and observed SkyMaxx's version of the sun; but if I now disable SkyMaxx through the plug-in menu, the sun disappears. This means you can't disable SkyMaxx and expect to still see the sun. And since the plug-in always gets re-enabled when you restart the sim, it doesn't matter that SkyMaxx replaces textures when it shuts down since they just get replaced again when you start the sim back up. Of course, if I uninstall (rather than disable) SkyMaxx, I can
  8. Well, I'd like to raise my hand and say that I'm a VR user who grew up on flight-sims (starting with Sublogic's FSII) who has 100% abandoned non-VR flight sims. Also keep in mind that a huge motivation behind the move to Vulkan is VR. For evidence of this see Austin's Vulkan video at https://www.thresholdx.net/news/wvbogl (particularly the section beginning at 14:15). So for vendors supporting X-Plane on Vulkan, it might be good strategy to share the mission. After all, large markets often start out as small struggling ones.
  9. I just recently installed SkyMaxx Pro (on X-Plane 11 b6 right now). I like it but find that under certain flying conditions--I like to disable it. Mostly, when I want max FPS. However, when I disable the SkyMaxx plug-in, the sun goes missing from the sky and returns only when I go back to SkyMaxx. I can't say 100% that SkyMaxx is at fault here since I just noticed this, but I'm curious as to whether anyone has seen this sort of thing and what the solution might be.
  10. I've been playing around with the X-Plane Vulkan betas (currently b6) and just purchased SkyMaxx Pro and the realtime weather. This is in VR with the Valve Index. For my initial testing in generally clear skies and clouds off in the distance everything seems pretty good. However, in overcast skies where the clouds and fog effects are close-up I get a distinct double-vision effect--as though the eye convergence is off. It's bad enough that I can't use it in these weather conditions. If I switch to the stock X-Plane weather, I don't have this issue. I've tried different cloud types, but ju
  11. Gildahl

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.1 Brings Vulkan Support

    On X-Plane 11 b6 in VR close-up overcast skies I'm getting a kind of double-vision--as though the eye convergence is wrong. It is bad enough that I can't use overcast at all in VR. Cirrus & cumulus seem better.
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