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  1. Lizz, first of all, sorry for the horrible delay in my answer, but I've read yhis thread only now. As for your answer, you may want to try the dataref "sim/graphics/animation/lights/normal" which is stated (inside Datarefs.txt inside X-Plane folder) that is "float" Dr with "[9]" indexes, non writable and affects lights so that they are ON at night, but i guess OFF at day. I have found that DataRef tied at LIGHT_SPILL_CUSTOM lights often inside lights.obj from Aerosoft sceneries. So, I guess it works after all...! I was looking deeper in the matter of LIGHT_SPILL_CUSTOM (as searched in Goo
  2. Tom, I have proceeded in upgrading somehow the Florence Peretola scenery so that now it has an "interesting" use of spill lights, if I may say so, that incredibly do not seem to kill the framerate. Although I have read many time the "Lights.txt" document, I still have a couple of doubts, though: 1 - is there a way to have a billboard light that is ON during daytime? I have put some custom_halos on the ceilings of some opened hangars and I loved to have a spill light even during daytime (and I did), but, in fact, I get the spill but I don't get the billboard (oh, BTW, the spill light on the f
  3. And this IS the answer that I was hoping for, my dear Tom!!! You have an anser handy for every question, this is incredible!!! Excellent! I'll try to post s few shots with your new lights, so that you can see the difference and more to the point, others, if ever interested in this matter. Again, thank you so very much!!
  4. Oh God, with your help I finally did it! Is it possible that you could be mistaken in writing the "kind" of light? I am asking (and please excuse me: I certainly don'twant to appear rude), because you used a light of type "named" instead a light of type "param" in your example (and I guess is a typo) as I instead did, but after some tries the result was: LIGHT_PARAM full_custom_halo 0.000000 26.866600 0.000000 255 170 130 0.015 220 0.0 -0.6 -0.6 0.000while before they were: LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS 0.000000 26.866600 0.000000 0.0 -0.6 -0.6 2.5 300 0.6 0.0as they appeared here (fro
  5. Hmmm, I've found a light "full_custom_halo" inside the document "lights.txt" in X-Plane 10.20 folder. It is listed under "Sergios' and Kriss's lights for buildings" more or less. The document reports: # Name R G B A Size Dx Dy Dz Width#-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#LIGHT_PARAM_DEF full_custom_halo R G B A S X Y Z F Is this the one you were referring to? If you could take the time to explain
  6. Hmmm, I am still trying to find some time to look deeper into your kind answer, and I will do it most certainly in the week end most likely (although I am hoping that it would be earlier), but my firts question regarding this "named light" is: will it cast a spill on my aprons? if so, it would be GREAT (since it would solve my billboard matter), otherwise I'll try to better understand the matter of vector coordinates. If I could be able to fully understand that matter, I might become more easily in control of the "slopeness" of the light cone, so that I really could try to put the cone top rig
  7. Ooohh, I am so honoured to receive a direct answer from an X-Plane developer, like Tom Kyle, noless...!! Ok, then, billboards are not hide-able, I was fearing such an answer. Now I will get deeper inside your kind explanation and try your suggestions. Will report back here in a while if I will find something unclear in your answer, or later on if I will be able to proceed in testing new light poles that in fact cast spill light. Thank you so very much Tom!!
  8. Hello Tom, hello everybody. I am wondering if is there a way in Tom's PARAMeterized light "LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS" to hide the light billboard that appears at the top of the light ideal "cone". I am asking this since I have created an airport scenery (Florence Peretola LIRQ, Tuscany, Italy, available for free at X-Plane.org since 2010) that in XP10 with HDR during night time is illuminated by more or less standard aprons lamps that cast their light on every apron (in Peretola there are two) with their 6 arms and 6 bulbs each. Now, my problem is that I could not put a spill light in E
  9. First thing first, please excuse my poor choice of terms, but try to understand that I am struggling to express myself in a language that is not my mother tongue, and trying to find the correct words in describing the problem is really awfully hard for me, expecially while attempting to describe the fact using technical terms. Having said that, I cannot tell you much more than what I have already said (considering also what I've read that happened to other users in previous posts). Here's what happened, more or less: I had to disengage A/P as I was flying the aircraft only with HDG mode, act
  10. Yep, I know, my bad, but I prefer 10.10 since I get a lot less Memory errors and crashes on my Mac, therefore I keep this one. I have 10.11 installed, but I don't use it: I guess I'm keeping it to test 10.20 at 64-bit when more and more plugins will be converted; I upgraded once to that version but I trashed it in 15 seconds flat, as nothing was working! Anyway, a few friends at x-plane.it who have bought the Duchess have flown it under X-Plane 10.11 and some even with X-Plane 10.20 but it seems that it always presents itself with the same problems. So I see no need to upgrade to XP10.11 just
  11. Sorry to point out that it doesn't fly good at all. Or better, under XP9 it flies quite well, but under XP10.10r3 it flies... horribly. With or without A/P it simply doesn't keep heading and roll steady. Even in manual, that is, it's almost uncontrollable. Sorry, but although I have version 1.2 since the start I cannot use it. Just yesterday evening I attempted a land and I crashed at the side of the runway with the aircraft destroyed because of Structure Over-G... I certainly am not the perfect pilot, but I am flying in X-Plane since version 7.6, so I guess I can say that this aircraft is beh
  12. That in fact would be perfect. Although not essential it would be very usseful having it running but simply in a different position. Maybe a simple draggable corner for the whole window would do the trick. But I don't want to bother more than I am already doing, so let's say I'll stick to Ben's suggestion as for now... (at least, until Alberto will start teaching me the bases for programming in LUA, is it not?! ) Thanks to you both, guys! Cheers
  13. Hello, I am new to this Forum, but an average user of X-Plane since 2004, writing from Florence (Italy). With the help from my friend X-Alberto from the italian Forum of X-Plane, I have managed to arrive here and ask a small question. Is there a way to move the little mini-window of Gizmo Plug-in that appears in the upper left portion of the X-Plane screen when the pointer reaches its far right end or goes off the screen itself? It happens that the Gizmo window appears exactly on top of some instruments of some overhead panels in some cockpits... I tried to understand if it was possible to mov
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