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  1. Count with me as well.. Fate is the hunter edit: better not, no Linux support, no money
  2. Exactly my thoughts. Thank you for your answer. This being just the installer. Running it using Wine let me open the .exe installer. I just want to know if this is safe to do it because I know that the addon uses Gizmo that is a very strict anti-piracy DRM and I don't want to block my account because of using Wine to download and install the plane on my Ubuntu machine. Or it will better if someone can just share the Linux installer here otherwise i will have to wait who knows how long to get an official answer from my ticket. Thank you again edit: I installed using Wine and everything seems to be working fine. Anyway, this is just a workaround and not a fix to this critical issue. I will be still waiting for an official answer regarding this issue that affects all of the GNU/linux community.
  3. Hello. I've just purchased the airplane but in the .zip folder there is not Linux installer, just the windows .exe and MAC OSX. How can I install this on my Ubuntu Machine? Thank you
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