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  1. In the last screenshot it shows both PDF A and PFD B at the same time. Wouldn't both be affected by the same panel.png? On A I can either display the full horizon or HSI. On the same moment B only gives either half the horizon or half the HSI. I will do some more testing tomorrow to see if I can pinpoint the issue. Great! I will have a good look at it and will make some requests after testing!
  2. @Coop The issue might also be caused by my system. I am running 7 screens with 2 videocards and my current x-plane is filled up with plugins. I will do some more testing and report back. Just flew my first ILS with the AFM G5 and it is really nice. However I am missing features that I really hope that will be added in the next versions. I am sure you have a shortlist of features to be added otherwise I will be happy to supply one I really hope that development will continue for this instrument so that it will be a must have for x-plane. This tiny instrument has a lot more functionality than one would think at first sight.
  3. @Coop I will give it a try! The screenshot was from a popup on a different screen. Just got the G5 installed correctly and I will mess around a bit with it! I will be waiting eagerly for the mbar option! Wish you a lot of sales so you can keep up the support and development! IRL this is a very nice instrument!
  4. @Cameron The new installer goes without any error!
  5. Will do it asap and let you know if it fixed the problem. It might also fix some of the issues I have now but I had to try to get it to work
  6. @Cameron Great! I copied the files from the /G5 folder to the aircraft plugin folder and got it working. Guess the installer does the same? I do have some small issues. @Coop How can I change the altimeter to mbar? I have 2 issues I need to investigate further but on PFD B I get half a HSI. Switching PFD A to HSI gives a full HSI. I also noted rotating the aircraft OBS the compass rose of the HSI starts to wobble. Both might be related to the way I installed the G5 so I will do some more research to figure it out. I added the files to the plugin folder or the standard LR 172
  7. The Mac installer gets downloaded but than gives a popup with file version does not match. Pressing retry the same happens again. Pressing ignore gives a immediate warning that the component file does not match for the Windows installer. It does not even seem to download. Pressing ignore again will install the G5 folder in x-plane but no installer to add it to other aircraft
  8. I am also not able to install and get multiple errors during download. Both Mac and Windows installers cannot be downloaded. I have disabled my firewall, virusscanner and malware scanners. At one point I managed to get the files in de /G5 folder but without the installer. At the 4th try the downloader wanted to uninstall first and I have not been able to install it again. The downloader is unzipped and I have not problems with my internet as far as I know. I am on Windows 10 with all security disabled
  9. I was already thinking about how wide the tape would be I am really glad this instrument is finally developed! I will make some Air Manager panels. It will be a great addon with the RealityXP 530/430 and GTN 650/750.
  10. Thanks, I read the wiki and it is great that the tape color can be adapted to any aircraft. I will try and if I am not able I will let you know. But actually I meant setting the speeds like Vr, Vx, Vy and Va. I couldn't find anything about setting those in the wiki. If this is not yet possible than that's no big deal. I am looking forward to try the G5 in x-plane!
  11. Got it already Will try it tomorrow! Is it possible to set speeds on the ASI?
  12. Will get it tomorrow! Great job! So far I have only been able to use this fantastic instrument IRL.
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