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  1. I was typing an old password. Now updated. Problem solved. Thanks.
  2. For the first time in X-Plane 11 (11.10b4) , the X-Aviation Licensing window is popping up. How do I update the license?
  3. I have updated X-Plane from 9.30 beta 10 to 9.30 beta 15 and got the FOV issue in 3D cockpit mode. Default aircrafts are normal though.
  4. Here's a screenshot of the crash error: The error is in X-plane's dynamic-link library XPLM.DLL. Always the same error. More details of the problem: when I try to quit the program or select another aircraft the program freezes, then I hit the Esc key (one or more times) or mouse-click on X-plane screen, the program crashes to desktop, then Windows gives the above error report. -Emerson
  5. Hello Cameron, I have issues with MU-2 on 9.30b9 too. The MU-2 (patched to 1.1 beta730) always raises an application crash on X-Plane every time I try no quit the program or change to another aircraft. The MU-2 1.1 non patched crashes X-Plane 9.30b9 as well. No such issues with X-Plane's stock aircrafts. I reverted to non beta X-plane 9.22RC1 and, fortunately, it doesn't crash the program. -Emerson
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