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  1. Thank you again Goran for your response and interest in this issue. Yes i know is a complícated situation since the person is 85 years Old and obviusly this is the only hobbie that he has and he has no ability with computer (This is why I bought the product since I assumed that he had made something wrong with the purchase) Since friday we have no feedback from X Aviation and thats the reason why im writing here. Do you have another mail or contacto person ? thanks again Goran.
  2. Hello Goran Thank you very much for your quick response. I think there is a misunderstanding here. a) I never used or bought the 737 IXEG. b) I never used a friend's account to buy anything. c) Indeed my friend bought the TBM but it didn't work, because he couldn't activate it. Since he is an 85-year-old person (that is why you have the ticket in his name) I thought that he had done something wrong with the purchase, and I bought it with my user. It means that we have purchased the product twice without being able to use it. How can i solve this? Thks again Goran for your help. Kind Regards
  3. Hi all Last friday i purchased the tbm 900. When i put my email and password it says “machine ID locked”. Since i bought it , i couldn’t use it. I send a ticket to x aviation but i have no response. Do you bave any idea how can i solve this? thks! nico
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