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  1. Is that a serious answer? I've not noticed this before
  2. I have my airframe and all settings to use metric kgs for fuel, however the fuel truck guy is a die-hard "freedom units" guy and wants to use lbs. How do I make it stop?!
  3. Ok I've figured it out. I had started my flight using the mouse to manipulate the yoke for takeoff for speed (my joystick was plugged in just out of reach), and of course when you let go of it, it stays where it is. When the A/P was engaged it was fighting the yoke position. I wiggled my joystick, which unstuck it, and my passengers have stopped barfing. Cleanup on aisle 2 please.
  4. I have the same issue. No apparent binding problems. No weather engine, standard day.
  5. Sometimes the sound for the FO voice on the checklist callouts disappears. I had it happen last night and 2-3 times before. No other sounds are affected inc the phone to Jenny etc. A re-start of XP seems the only way to recover. This was from a fresh start of XP, restart last flight and joining in the FBO from the previous cold and dark state it was left in. Attached is the log from my last flight. Log.txt
  6. It would be really cool if we could somehow share the airframe save with another CL650 pilot. I run a CL650 group in FSE and my pilots and I would like to be able to share one airframe. So when one of us finishes a flight, another can fly the next sector with the airframe in the exact state the other left it in. Thanks for the consideration.
  7. I deleted the airframe, and re-did the exact same flight with a new one without issue.
  8. I've tried this same 950nm flight 3 times now, LEJR to EGKK. Whilst in the cruise FL410 not interacting with the sim in any way it's CTD anywhere from half to three quarters the way through the flight. Nothing has changed in my sim setup from previous successful flights of a similar length. Log.txt
  9. It would be really nice if I could, from the XP menu, select which checklist I want, without cycling through them all. Also if the Next Checklist and Prev Checklist menu items could indicate which ones they are, that also would be helpful. Minor point, but would be nice to have. Thanks for consideration.
  10. Just a note - it is possible to install/remove the nose gear pins without having to open the door, if you're oriented correctly the click-spot still works.
  11. It would be nice to have the ability to optionally shorten the coming to fbo/boarding time for PAX down to just a few mins. On a quick turnaround I'm just sat around twiddling my thumbs for 10 mins or more of real time when I'd like to get going. Would that be possible?
  12. This is very useful, thank you. Can I ask, how far out from the threshold do you generally move down from 200 through to vRef and fully configured?
  13. Thank you Goran. This is an incredible product, and I do understand the limitations you're working with in XP11.
  14. I'm simulating a flight at MTOW. Full tanks, and payload weight in the XP menu wound up until the circle goes red. 9733 kgs. How do I program the CDU to match this? The cargo entry in here won't let you get anywhere near 9733.
  15. It's very hard to see the switches on this panel at night. I've got all the cockpit lighting turned up. Could this be improved at all?
  16. So I've noticed the wind speed/direction on the left hand MFD/PFD disagree with the other side. Example in my currently flight. LH PFD + RH MFD
  17. Ground Services Menu -> Restow Air Driven Generator
  18. Correction. If I deploy it again, then close the switch, and press the button, you get the state above. But it still thinks the ADG is deployed, and still makes the god-awful racket. This has persisted across multiple flights now with full shutdowns between.
  19. Unfortunately, doing that has no effect.
  20. Can anyone help with this?
  21. So I deployed the ADG for... no real reason. It produces a loud buzzing type noise. I've "stowed" it, but the noise won't go away. Do I have to bin my airframe and start a new one?
  22. Hi Goran. No, nothing at all. I might have stumbled across a very odd bug/state. It turns out, the issue was the TOGA button stuck in it's IN state. I clicked it, and it popped out, and subsequent clicks had it pop in/out as normal. The AP worked fine and my flight continued after that.
  23. For reasons I can't figure out, I can't engage the A/P via the AP ENG button. ATS is engaged ok. I can't see any failures or CBs out. What can it be?
  24. Lesson No.1 Don't slam the throttle wide open!
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