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  1. Hey guys, Update: Still can't get the traffic to appear on the MFD (or PFD) map pages. Again, the only area I can seem to see some traffic is on the actual traffic radar display screen (see attached screenshots). Also, just did a flight this evening on PilotEdge and it appears even the traffic radar screen is sporadic and not reliable as I have traffic display setup on ForeFlight as well, where I could see multiple traffic targets around me, but maybe only one or two appeared on the G1000 radar page, and their altitudes don't seem to be accurate either. I've tried toggling between Standby, Operate and Alt modes on the MFD traffic page, zooming in and out of range, etc, still no joy. Something squirrely is going on. Any thoughts? Thanks, Brandon
  2. Hi - I'm having a similar issue. Just got this plane, on the latest version 1.1.9. I use PilotEdge. I have traffic turned On and Unrestricted. I can view traffic on the MFD traffic radar page, but NOT on the MFD Map page, which is really frustrating as that's where I want to see traffic - overlayed on the moving map. Can anyone assist? Thanks, Brandon
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