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  1. I made a drastic decision. I removed and reinstalled X-Plane 11.53. Then I installed my SAAB 340A 1.6.4 and nothing else. EUREKA!!!! It works fine. Version 1.6.3 is good and 1.6.4 is even better. EXCELLENT aircraft! Now I'm going to install the necessary plugins, one by one and check if any of them causes the crash with the SAAB 340A... If that happens I'll inform you.
  2. Thank you for your quick aswer. It crashes to desktop. The simulator suddenly is not there anymore. I'm going to follow your instructions and I'll keep you informed. This one of my best addons and I can't lose it! Thanks again!
  3. I`ve just updated my SAAB 340A to version 1.6.4. A couple of minutes after starting the simulator with the aircraft on ramp X-P11 crashes. I could update the licence. I restarted the simulator and the computer several times. Later I reinstalled the addon and nothing changed. Any ideas...? Log.txt
  4. I see... Can I have the new one just downloading it again, or I'm supposed to pay for it? I purchased that add-on 3,5 months ago ($17.95 black Friday price).
  5. Understood! Thak you so much.
  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think HDG SLAVE should center HDG bug. It doesn't.
  7. I respect your opinion, but my 17 years as a military pilot + 23 as an Airline Transport Pilot require as much realism as possible... and I don't like the most part of Carenado add-ons. But, as I said I respect your opinion!
  8. V. 1.6.1 There are still a few things which should be corrected, but SAAB 340A is now an excellent add-on! I found something... See the piture.
  9. Awful! Installed and uninstalled. A total waste of money. Now I have a good one: AWXDC3. AND FREEWARE
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