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  1. Hello to Cameron and X-Aviation team, My Machine ID is locked...as described I used the support at X-aviation but no reply. Can X-Aviation take the responsibility to unlock my Machine IDs. Why its locked I dont know, maybe due to several SW Updates of Xplane etc. The SW which is not activated is my favorite one..Pocket Rocket BR Marco
  2. I already love this plane....flying few hours. Congratulation and thank you for that fantastic product, you made a great work. There are some features I like very, e.g. MFDs to encapsulate in dedicated windows, e.g. to define your own tail identification etc. The handling of the plane is simple and the sounds especially listening from external view when the aircraft is flying overor staring the engine …. yesss, it sounds so real. Hope many pilots will love this aircraft to motivate you to continue with your products. BR Marco Schmidt
  3. Thank you Coop, considering my question and give good technical background why this is not working and advices to use other plugin...I will do.
  4. For me the same....Would be good to fix that in a patch. Usually I am flying A320 and therefore the Landing speed plugin is very useful rating the landing. But it would be annoying to remove the XGS Plugin always before using the Rocket Pocket. Thanks
  5. Ok, Understood. Not expected that but I will keep the folder per default. Thank you for taking care.
  6. I checked again and might be this error is raised due to I moved the Rocket Pocket folder from Xplane/Aircraft/X-Aviation to Xplane/Aircraft/Extra Aircraft, becuase all other aircrafts are stored there. Strange but after I re-installed everything and keep the folder as default this error didnt occur anymore.
  7. After I installed Rocket Pocket always when I am executing xplane the GIZMO console shows XA_Activation/XA_Activation.lua.gfys error message - see picture attached. Any suggestions?
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