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  1. Thanks Goran, I´ll stick with something around 70 then.
  2. Bought yesterday, then downloaded and installed without issues. I have managed a couple of flights so far after the interactive tutorial (very neat), the first of which gave me a good introduction to the Maintenance system. The second was a quick IFR to a missed approach and then an ILS landing, on this occasion I didn't break anything. So far I'm loving it, and it sits right in the sweet spot where my sim flying is these days. I do have one quick question that I didn't see covered in the manual. What is the optimum FoV for a normal 3D view (non VR) that will give a similar perspective to
  3. Thanks, I'll try a few circuits somewhere different to confirm. The Saab has a new lease of life with this update
  4. On a quick test flight around the Manston area I suffered a CTD turning onto base. Altitude was stable at 2000ft and the turn was being done with HDG, I selected the TQ tab from the menu and everything hung up. Shortly after I got the XP is not responding message. Log file attached. The new manipulators are nice, much easier than before. Thanks Log.txt
  5. Thank you, that was what I was looking for.
  6. I'm trying to assign a joystick button for the TOGA function but I can't see TOGA listed under the IXEG/Autopilot options. Am I looking in the right place? Many thanks
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