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  1. The weekend is finished since 2 days and always no answer.
  2. Nor help neither answer since 3 days. Congratulations SMP devs.
  3. Another one. Without any another plugin for skycolor or clouds.
  4. Hi, On the advice of Sundog, because I had issue with SMP 4 and RWC, I've bought SMP 5.0. See post : And the resultats aren't better as you can see with these pictures. And FPS is horrible (-50% compared to SMP4) . ave you an idea ?
  5. The same for me. I've update to SMP 5.0 after purchase RWC (so 20$ + 20$), and it was better with SMP 4.0. When I desactive SMP 5.0 I've 50/55 FPS, and It drops to 15/20 FPS, just with broken clouds, without volumetric beta. I'm very disapointing and hope a future update will improve that.
  6. Wonderful. It works. Thanks Cameron. I'm really in love with this aircraft. For me, it's one of the best. Regards
  7. It was yet named _cacert.pem I'm trying total uninstall and reinstall of Gizmo plugin and TBM900 1.1.13
  8. Hi, First, thanks for this update. Good work, as usual. But I can't activate it. It says "No license for"
  9. I'm using Active Sky and Xvision 2, nothing else.
  10. But maybe because I've checked "never changed visible weather"?
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