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  1. Cameron you're amazing!! Had tried disabling previously but just did the firewall. This time went into settings and did a complete disable. BINGO ...loaded perfectly. Turned each module back on individually and found PARENTAL CONTROL was the culprit. Don't even know why it was on. Anyway all is well with my jet. You made my day man. If you're ever in STL, I'll treat you to dinner and drinks...seriously. THANKS AGAIN.
  2. Sorry to bother you folks but I'm in desperate need of technical support to get This amazingI i jet back in the air. I purchased the IXEG 737 in Nov '18 and flew her without issues until December. Not sure if its related but got back on 3 weeks ago after upgrading to X-Plane 11.3 and found that it opens to the screenshot included. Some are instruments illuminated, but the majority don't respond. Cant move throttles either. Obviously can't access side menus either. Unfortunately, in addition, the X-Aviation license warnings popups now appear not only with the IXEG 737 but with all other default aircraft. I entered a ticket with X-Aviation yesterday and Cameron promptly responded. He suggested that I post the problem in the forum to get maximum developer attention to my issues. Also have included log.txts Have searched forums for similar issues but was uncomfortable applying someone else's solution to my specific problem. I'm at the end of my rope and literally don’t know where else to turn for help. This is my favorite aircraft and not being able to fly it is very frustrating. THANK YOU in advance for any suggestions you can provi GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  3. Thx Oliver. Im stumped too. Have contacted Customer Support. Hopefully they'll have something.
  4. Have also included GIZMO log.txt as well GizmoLog.txt
  5. THANKS! Have enclosed log.txt Not sure how it could be install issue for IXEG since it was working 100% for 2 mons prior to xplane upgrade. GIZMO in folder and rebooted....no change Log.txt
  6. Since update to XPlane 11.3 my 737 doesn't respond. Was working perfectly before. Now when I configure to start cold and dark....no switches respond ncluding throttles. If I configure to start w engines running ...same picture. In addition continue to get two LICENSE EXPIRED messages every time ANY plane is opened. After x-Aviation login dialog box continues to try authenticating without success. Error message 258.273 API CALLBACK. ATTEMPT TO CALL GLOBAL ERROR. Also left side menus don't pop out anymore in the 737. All my other default aircraft and REP payware working fine. Need to get back in the air. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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