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  1. I usually cut the power just before the flair. Wonder if leaving a bit of power on will help with the elevator authority? Goran can you please let us know your findings.
  2. No I Don’t have any curves. I noticed that subsonic pilot on the discord noted the same feelings. Just thought I’d post on here. I seem to be having to pull all the way in the flair and still end up slamming down crossing the numbers at the normal speed even when light.
  3. Goran, when I’m using the experimental flight model I feel like the elevator authority is lack in the flair during landing. Have you guys noticed this?
  4. Cal1664

    1.1.9 crash

    Ahh right I think I got it. Thanks for your help.
  5. Yup, flown 3 legs and not had an issue.
  6. Cal1664

    1.1.9 crash

    Thanks for having a look. I have removed xsquakbox and its running fine now. Just out if interest as I'm trying to learn what highlighted xsquakbox in the log text as the culprit?
  7. Cal1664

    1.1.9 crash

    Hello. X plane has crashed on me a couple of times now when using the tbm. once while setting up for final and a few times just sitting on the ground. Attached is my log text. any ideas anyone ? Thanks in advance for your help. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  8. Cal1664

    bug reporting

    Hello How do you report bugs to the Hot start team ? I have noticed that that taxi lights do not illuminate the ground.
  9. Mine crashed only when I enter an airport into the flight plan on the g1000. I can put in my waypoints it’s fine. The second I enter egpk it crashes. Not sure if it happened with other airports or just this one yet.
  10. Cal1664

    Holding patterns

    Hello, apart from manually flying a hold. How do you set the nav to fly a hold at a non specified waypoint. In the real g1000 you can select the direct to (waypoint) it then gives you the option of setting that point as a hold. Is this implemented in the TBM 900 in another way? Kind regards c.
  11. Haha that simple. Had to cut my flight short. Thanks for the reply.
  12. On a flight I had a yellow warning message: Voltage & main gen: would not disappear after gen reset or on standby. Landed at closest airport and looked in maintenance manager and there was no issues. Any ideas on what hat could cause this ?
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