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  1. Hi everyone, do you expect something in the future? Maybe an approximation ... We are all drooling for the 737IXEG, perhaps with some changes that improve it .. thank you!!
  2. Hello everyone else another question .. I was not able to set up the HOLDING procedure on the IXEG FMC. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks!!! Enzo Ramaglia
  3. Ok Jan, I'm waiting for your answer. I remember it was really nice to see the neon light coming on in the panel .. Thank you!!! Enzo
  4. Hi, it's always had, I noticed that the problem was born when I installed Xvision. Do you think it could be for this reason? Thank you!! Enzo Ramaglia
  5. Hi everyone, I noticed that even if I turn on the lights of the front panel, (the one with the neon) does not do much light, before it made so much ... Any solution? Thank you!! Enzo Ramaglia
  6. Uhaaau great ... in fact I thought it was better for passengers to eat first at Christmas and then with a full belly come down from the windows with the rope .. Anyway, thanks for the reply .. Happy fly whith 737-300 IXEG
  7. HELLO TO ALL, flight with this superb plane, I have only one problem, from the small panel that opens sideways, how do you open the external doors? Thanks for the reply. NPV1202 Enzo Ramaglia
  8. I forgot to say: I tried to delete X-Plane Joystick Settings and Xplane Preference ... Nothing to do does not work
  9. Hi everyone, I also bought this beautiful plane, but unfortunately I have to say that even the trottle does not work with the latest version of XPUIPC. I tried to validate my license several times. Does not work. Do you have any other suggestions that you have not read on these pages? Thank you for your response. For info: alivasp@libero.it Enzo Ramaglia
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