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  1. I had seen the 1.3 video but somehow managed to overlook the 1.31 video as it does answer my question clearly ... I feel a little silly now that I overlooked something so obvious lol but i really do appreciate all the hard work in development that yall have done with this magnificent bird and I'm looking forward to more of your great work in the future
  2. would like to start by saying that this is the TOP OF LINE Aircraft for Xplane in my opinion ... I enjoy flying it so much. I did run into a little issue with the update and hoping you can help ... when flying at night the flood light for the mcp panel works fine how ever when adjusting the main panel lights all other panel lights will come on in the cockpit except the mcp backlights ... the light up lables for the buttons specificly on the mcp panel, however the flood light for the mcp works not sure if its a bug or if im missing something like a seperate lighting knob ... i have done a
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