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  1. Just a follow up, I was able to fly last night after applying the fix borrrden identified above. Brakes worked fine.
  2. Just made the edits, will delete my aircraft's state and try again. Here's hoping I can fly!
  3. Where is that file located so I can scour it from my setup?
  4. Just tried it with v1.02, and I can't get my brakes to actually engage. I apply brakes via my HOTAS, and nothing happens. Can't get the parking brake to engage, either. This was especially hilarious since the moment I threw the aircraft into flight idle, it taxied forwards uncontrollably.
  5. Any ETA on that update? I'd love to actually fly the plane. *sigh*
  6. I'm having much the same issue, CTD on clicking the chocks button. Attached log and a zip with my Output/TBM900 directory. I'm running xVision on the "Impressive" preset, and the HD v4 mesh scenery in addition. Log.txt Output-TBM900.zip
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