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  1. Hey Mike, you can use the OBJ file that is available in a post in this chat. Disclaimer is that the modified obj file is not directly supported by hotstart, les or xaviation at this time , but we received approval for the time being. Once you place that obj file in yhe objects folder, you can yhen download the vr config file and place that in yhe cl650 main aircraft folder and all should then work for you. Enjoy Currently there is no VR config file except for the one that severniae and I created.
  2. the hotspot for pilot seating I created was based on my position and height where I like to sit and you can always adjust the hotspot either with VR tools or just center yourself by moving your body and adjust as needed when pressing your VR re-center button. The hotspot locations are general in their nature and atleast bring you quickly to the spots and can be adjusted as needed. Please feel free to modify as needed to fit your preference
  3. With the help of severniae, the VR config file has been modified to allow for better VR manipulation of switches, knobs and a few additional hot spots. I have attached the updated VR config file to drop into your CL650 aircraft folder. Should you want to have the pressure manual alt 3 way switch to work properly in VR (overhead panel top right of the aircraft red switch), You will need to go into the Cockpit OBJ file and change the following. locate the similar text and replace it with the one provided here. (The x/y/z was changed a bit to allow for the proper manipulation) ATTR_manip_command_axis hand 0 -0.050000001 0 CL650/overhead/press/man/alt_up CL650/overhead/press/man/alt_down Manual Altitude Select. If you don't do this, you will get a VR config file error, but it won't impact anything. You can just click understood and keep it moving. Please note the DISCLAIMER, the file is not officially supported by X-Aviation, Hot Start or LES CL650_vrconfig.txt
  4. This was great stuff and I will definitely use this in my vr config file. The switches feel much better now. I will upload the modified VR config file when I get home a bit later. I guess anybody using the aircraft can just modify the obj file themselves for the Alt switch to work properly. I ran a quick test and it worked great. How did you manage to change the hotspot direction to look backwards? I only know how to add the hotspots, but they always look forward
  5. With the approval to distribute, the attached OBJ file has been modified to be used to help allow for Yoke Manipulation. Please note the DISCLAIMER, the file is not officially supported by X-Aviation, Hot Start or LES. I have also included the VR config file that you can adjust to your liking if needed. If you are unfamiliar with how to use the file, download the obj file and drop it into the CL650 object folder and overwrite. You can then drop the VR config txt file into the CL650 aircraft file and you'll be all set. CL650_cockpit.obj CL650_vrconfig.txt
  6. you could watch some simvrlabs tutorials on youtube and that helped locate the information needed to modify the obj file as needed and where to locate the trans and rotate information to help create the vr config file. the hotspots i used vr tools to add those in the vr config file. Per the approval of Goran, I'm going to reattach the OBJ file to be used until there is an update.
  7. Hi Goran, No problem. I was unaware I could not redistribute the OBJ file as I figured it was only an OBJ file and not the whole plane or information. I only distributed the OBJ file to help any VR users on a quick fix (before an update) to allow for yoke manipulation. I didn't add any files, I only made some wording changes to allow for a proper VR config file to be created so as to not have a crash when loading the plane. I ran into that issue a few times. I don't normally post anything, but I saw some frustration among VR users and figured I could quickly help for the short time being when I figured it out myself. If in the future I need to make some changes and want to help fellow VR users, I will reach out to you directly before considering distribution. I understand there will be updates and I'm sure all the kinks will be worked out. I have several of your products and the VR work is very nice after some time. If in the future you guys need any beta testers for VR in an aircraft, please let me know and I will be glad to help as best I can. Have a great one!
  8. You should be able to just drop the cockpit obj. file into the objects folder and overwrite. The VR config file will include the hotspots and Yoke manipulation. You can modify the movement to your liking as needed. I'm not sure why this was not included in the beginning as it's a simple thing to do, but here you go. CL650_vrconfig.txt
  9. I was able to modify the object file and create a VR config file which includes some teleport spots as well as the ability to properly control the yoke. I have not touched anything else as I think they will come with an update at some point and are not required as a needed item at the moment (ex. 3 way switches.). Just skip those items in the checklist and you'll be fine. Also, if you want to control any interior cabin lighting, you will have to do it outside of VR until they make some changes to allow for manipulation with the VR controllers.
  10. Yes, I'm interested in a modify VR config file to help with the VR immersion. Will this config file also correct the Yoke to allow for proper manipulation?
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