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  1. Tkx, I'll forward the issue to weather application provider, in order to solve this bug. Rgds
  2. Hi, I bought this nice sw but I have a question regarding the weather. As per attachment I don't have the TCU on my radar. Is some problem with my configuration? Tkx for the support.
  3. So I guess is my problem. Many thanks.
  4. According to AOM we can cruise at 1800 RPM. FL300 1800RPM passing KIAS 230 the RPM start increasing to 2000. Let me know. Tkx
  5. Yes, fuel and 6 pax is working from tablet but is not possible to add baggage for 400 Lbs. Max as per AOM. From Xplane weight page now is not working anymore. The Prop is increasing the RPM at hight speed above FL250.
  6. Thank you for the grate job. I have only few questions for the time being... How can I add some more cargo, like baggage? If I try to modify the weights in xp is not changing nothing. I understand that we can only via the Tab. Please let me know otherwise I can't use the acft with some other sw. The 2nd... Did you fix the prop issue? Regards, Alex
  7. Kalimera, any news about the update? Cheers
  8. http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1081-p180-avanti-ii/ Enjoy the sexyest airplane.
  9. In this case waiting the update. Hope to see it soon. Cheers
  10. Nice, looking forward to see the update soon. Meanwhile can you tell me how you fixed the problem with the propeller increase above FL200? I can do it via Plane maker?
  11. Kalispera Ilias, News about the new update? Happy new year. Alex Inviato dal mio CLT-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. Maybe Santa Claus will come with a nice gift... But only if you are a good boy... Inviato dal mio CLT-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. Try to press Reboot on the upper left side of the console. Inviato dal mio CLT-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. You have ETA of the new release! Inviato dal mio CLT-L29 utilizzando Tapatalk
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