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    SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.1 Brings Vulkan Support

    Bonjour Cameron impossible pour moi d installer la version 4.9.1 ? Merci
  2. bourhis


    Bonjour comment installer la nouveau version 4.9.1 merci
  3. Give me an answer. Helped me solve the problem. I bought Skymaxx 4.6 I repeat the same thing I was ready Skymaxx for a test the person buys it on x-aviation there is no crack per flight so feast the neccesaire for I can find my Skymaxx BUY thank you . Toast Message:(type:error) (X-Aviation Licensing) / (Machine ID locked. Please
  4. I do not understand sorry
  5. Yes a friend my ready is Skymaxx for the test because it does not pass on is ord. For me no problem on my PC. I deleted the Skymaxx from my friends. So I bought Skymaxx I have the invoice and the purchase. I bought Skymaxx 4.6 on Friday 21 .09.2018. What should I do to recover my Skymaxx thanks to you for your help Regards. (I sent an email on the x-aviation website)
  6. Hello Sorry I am on a translator I do not speak English not easy for me. I show you my problem impossible to put a name it marks me (Machine ID tocked doue comes the problem I ask you for help I wrote a mail to x-Aviation still no answer
  7. Hello I bought Skymaxx 4.6 impossible to install. I have also written to X-Aviation no reply from them. Where does the problem come from, I find the x-avition group not very honest with the people who buy. Sincerely
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