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  1. just read the related news on https://www.thresholdx.net/news/ixxp12 and i am fully alligned with the statement in the lower forum section by a guy called "pilotoloco". Other than what i read over here, i don't think developping is about financials. That is so silly proposing. Creators lik Tom Kyler trigger by the creation process, hard to understand for users that keep yellling for more and more without having an understanding of the sheer time consuming development process. products like the 733 are accompanying Tom's life like his own child, something he gave to the world as a fulfilment of talented output that is deep inside a personality. Only creative people share this understanding of life. I wished Tom would crack the vertical world with an equally well done quality helicopter to become a reference in x-plane. As much as the 737 distinguished from anything else in the fixed wing folder, i personally would not need more from x-plane than having a tyler rotorcraft aside. Tom, if you ever considered vertical, please share your thoughts.
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