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  1. I have the same thing. The value in the FMC does not change the airports shown on the proline. (both NEAREST APTS and APTS activated, also changed the combination of the 2)
  2. That clarifies a lot. Moncton said he would be able to do it. Thats why i was wondering. All clear guys, thanks very much!
  3. I see what happened. Due to the fact that I chose GANDER as the facility it sent the request to CYQX instead of CYQM. Any chance i can change the facility for the oceanic CLX?
  4. Hello, First of all, I very much enjoy this aircraft and all in depth systems! Question, flying on VATSIM Moncton center is online (CZQM). He advised he would be able to process my oceanic clearance via CPDLC. So, I logged on to CZQM via FANS CPDLC (successfully) and then requested Oceanic clearance via the OCEANIC CLX option. (Selecting GANDER as the applicable facility) The controller advised he did not receive my request. Is that a failure on my end, a system that has not been implemented (which of course is 100% fine ) or would that be an issue on the controllers end? Thanks!
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