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  1. Just did my first flight in it, loving it so far. Looks good, sounds great, flies fun!
  2. Okay I had a bit more of a play, it doesn't like ProjectFly (with either the Xplane or XPUIPC connection type) or Navigraph Simlink plugins. Still, if they're active Gizmo doesn't mind running with other aircraft, with the Saab though it seems to freak out. Anyways, going to give this bird a whirl now
  3. Hi all, hoping for a little bit of help here! I just purchased and downloaded the Saab 340A but unfortunately I've not been able to fly it yet. When I select the 340 Xplane 11 will CTD with no error messages while still on the loading screen. It gets past loading the .acf but seems to die sometime just after it's finished asynchronous loading I believe. Removing the Gizmo plugin folder allows the aircraft to load to the apron however it's not entirely functional at that point without the menu to (I assume) close the doors and attach ground services and the like. Having Gizmo installed and loading another aircraft (tested with default 172 and FF A320) fine, and I get the little Gizmo menu on the right side of the screen. I'd tried removing a few (but not all...) of my own plugins (X-Life, Headshake, XACARS) to see if that would calm Gizmo down, also tried running as admin, however I've not yet had any luck. I've attached my Log and GizmoLog file, hopefully someone has some specific ideas to try 64bit Win 10 Pro 16gb RAM Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
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