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  1. Beats me. But in all seriousness though I don't think that a random person would just say that the project isn't dead if they don't know for sure if it's dead or not...I don't know, that's just my opinion. Maybe he/she is being a bit optimistic, or maybe he/she is somehow in contact with Peter and knows for sure that it isn't dead - who knows? I was simply going by the posts I saw over on the threshold forum..and that post was the latest one.
  2. @bmw-rabbit There seem to be no clear release dates but according to this guy the project is still on its feet.
  3. Yes, indeed it is. Oh well, your aircraft is still pretty much very good. I hope to see it released soon. Cheers.
  4. I see. Well, time will tell how the 777 v2 works out. The thing is, I use Xplane 10, not 11. Is your aircraft compatible with both versions of the sim?
  5. Ok, thank you alot Peter. I admire your aircraft, but it's taking quite a while, that's all. Anyway, nice modelling and keep it up!
  6. Neither have I. I'm wondering if I should just buy the FF 777 instead... This project is sure taking it's time. Any not a single update from the developer, thatI know of.
  7. Thank you so much for this aircraft! It is simply breath taking! Animations and autopilot all work fine. I love flying this aircraft. Can't wait for the 3D cockpit
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