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  1. official boeing 747 dreamlifter View File finally its here the boeing 747 dreamlifter for xplane 9 only for xplane 9 not compatible for xplane 10 and 11 hope you enjoy it happy flying made with:x-plane 9 plane maker Submitter dvjindavjencnd Submitted 08/12/2018 Category Heavy Metal X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 9  
  2. finally for many years this is the first boeing 747 dreamlifter for xplane 9 but its still unfinished this is only for x-plane 9 built from the default boeing 747 united the fuselage is still unfinished already tested it in my xplane 9 demo it works and flies has the dreamlifter paint also engine sounds,weapons and many more so happy flyings hope you enjoyed the boeing 747 dreamlifter for xplane 9 visit this to get the boeing 747 dreamlifter:
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