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  1. Well, check this. https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/431-boeing-777-series-3d-cockpit-update/?tab=comments#comment-1332
  2. Yes, I know one nerd.In the nick he's got the figure 90.With him it seems no one communicates,times he even on forum prohibits this
  3. LOL you really write this?That's funny!WHAT TROUBLE,A COUPLE OF POSTS IN A DEAD TOPIC - WE NEED A TEAM OF MODERS. (The conversation is useless. UA 90 you're definitely a nerd) Don't forget to ban me,Hey,upstarts!
  4. Okey,but i think "None of us care..." can be applied everywhere. IMHO,the forum everyone has the right to Express their opinion(let even a little bit of whining).And no one has the right to something to reproach another user. Without it,why do we need forums?For smart guys and upstarts?Moderators?Dont think so.
  5. UA90,we just tired waiting.Its normal for people,who like 777 like me.Willing to exchange all the planes together for one good(I hope) 777. I know they work in their time.But as i know they cant make cockpit windows and liven up the cabin.It's a lot of pressure-it seems so little is left, but the work is worth it. (Dont tell me what i whining) Low bow to developers,separately Peter.
  6. what the news yet on this time?
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