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  1. I observed that somehow a new airframe.db is built every second or third start-up of XP 11 not containing my main airframe. I attached two files: The faulty one is the one that was created at start up. The other one is the one I recovered from temp file. airframe.db airframe faulty.db
  2. Very nice livery! Could you make a variant without the registration in the cockpit?
  3. I am glad to report that the airframe and states where still in the X-Plane 11 main folder under Output/CL650/airframes. Just moving the states over to the newly created airframe didn’t work. However there was a temporary database file of the same date, which I renamed to airframe.db (after deleting the current faulty one) and that resolved it. Thanks for the support, lol. I still hope you find this annoying bug, as yesterday‘s work was not recoverable. First pic shows files before modding. Second pic having restored the lost airframe. 1/
  4. I experienced the same thing again today, this time on version 1.1. After creating an airframe, deleting any default airframes and saving some state on ground, I was able to reload it 2-3 times and save the progress on the same state. The next time I am presented with an airframe manager containing a default aircraft only and all my hard work gone. Log.txt
  5. Hi, I was very happy with the saving state capability and used one airframe (default livery) to save different states, like ready for boarding, etc. I then saved my first flight in midflight . Unfortunately today when reloading the airframe manager this airframe was gone, leaving me with a default airframe without states. Please let me know of the file location where the airframes or states are saved, so I can make a manual back-up in the future. In addition: Could the saved states be used on different airframes? Log and some more information and findings are in subsequent post.
  6. Hi, Due to my health condition I can’t always run through the complete checklist and start procedure. I expected to find an engines running state at least in the non-career mode. Could you consider adding such a state (or share one with me, lol)?
  7. How does the state persistence work? Would it be possible to save flight in cruise (.sit) and load it later?
  8. Many thanks, Jan, for the quick reply and explanations.
  9. Hi, this is a prepurchase question. Would it be possible to reload a saved situation in cruise? I am assuming you have to start with engines running, load the situation and first stabilise the aircraft. Then engage basic AP modes and programm the FMS and take it from there?
  10. Hi Mokny, which formats does this allow to import e.g. a saved plan from output/FMS plans? ( Just a prepurchase question). Regards Perry
  11. Thanks, it does work. Now let’s go and fly.
  12. Hi, I just bought it and went on my first flight. I started up with engines running and experienced reduced functionality on the PFD, meaning that I’m unable to click on any lower bottom soft keys. Did I miss something? Please help me out on this. Regards Perry I’m still running 11.30 and attached the log file. Log pr.txt
  13. I found out myself what was missing: 1. In the GTIN settings click connect GPS to VOR indicator 2. In the GTN 750 click on CDI to get the GPS mode 3. Now you should see LRN1 on the ND including the proper lateral guidance. 4. Engage AP NAV mode. It shows heading in green and LRN in white beneath it on the PFD, but follows the GPS nicely
  14. Hi Boxin, hi guys, New Saab user here: How did you get it to work? I can pop it up, enter a flightplan and set it on GPS. It then shows LRN on the ND display, but there is no deviation bar and I cannot let the ap follow the plan in NAV mode. Cheers
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