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  1. Tested a shared cockpit flight using smartcopilot and I found that it works perfectly. Almost 0 bugs and the synchronization has no delay. Awesome experience, recommend to everyone. PS: Portguese language
  2. Do you mind to share this document? I can't find it anywhere.
  3. Tried again yesterday and the first fix still went to ANROV. Tested it on PMDG and I got the message "ALT CONSTRAINT..." and ANROV is selected too. I'm not sure anymore what is happening, I'm at cycle 1806 too.
  4. I use xEnviro, FlyWithLua, XUIPC, Landing Speed, Better Pushback and XIvap, I don't use any custom scenery, so I don't think that it could be a scenery related thing. I disabled everything but BetterPushback yesterday, and completed a flight successfully I will do further tests to identify which plugin is causing this. Thanks for help
  5. OK, I will try that, do you have plans to fix this incompatibilities? Thanks,
  6. My X-Plane is crashing during the flights, I am can't finish them. I bought the aircraft for study purpose and I'm really trying hard to pass over its limitations, and enjoy it, but it's being a hard task. Could someone help? Log.txt
  7. Your aircraft is cool and you guys are very nice and attentive. But I think that when I am paying a good amount on a product, I expect a finished thing and, you guys saying "this is a hobby for us" is not too much encouraging. Honestly if I knew it before, I would thinked 10 times more before buying it. I just think that this needs to be more clear. I'm knowing this after purchasing it. But I wish you the best of luck on improving this plane, as it is very promising
  8. Hello guys, I have this SID procedure, and I'm trying to put it into the FMC using the TEMAM transition. It appears on the CDU, I select it but when I go to the route page the FMC set ANROV as the last fix of the SID. I'm not sure if this is right, could someone help me?
  9. I'm having this exactly misgiving. I'm learning to fly this bird and when I was making the tutorial about FMS, I got to T/D and VNAV disengaged, 2 miles after I noticed and I engaged it again, thereafter it worked fine. crisk73 said about using V/S, it's the normal procedure among commercial pilots? TY, loving the airplane so far, it is extremely immersive!
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