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  1. What I use is to press "Direct to" on either GPS and enter the ILS/LOC name. In this case ILUE. The GPS will then show the distance to the LOC/ILS. In addition you can use the OBS function to get a reference line on the 530. This works fine and is allowed since GPS can be used instead of DME. (at least what I fund out when researching this some years ago) After this I don't panic if my plane does not have a DME display. (Use the GPS in VLOC mode.)
  2. In case you did not know, X-plane offers two types of "time" compression. I think it is Ctrl-T and Alt-T. Ctrl-T increases computing speed and your computer need to be able to run the whole X-plane simulation at a faster rate. Alt-T increases "ground speed" up to 16 times. Both keys cycles through four "levels" of increase. Some planes does not work well with these, and some only work at lower levels.
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