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  1. Thanks, it worked but took a bit of practice to find the sweet spot At least I can power up without taking the lazy auto-start way.
  2. I will try that with the cancel button. I have made sure the condition lever was in start but still won't start.
  3. I seem to be having problems starting the right engine. When I first start the left engine and then try to start the right nothing happens. I have tried to start the right first but still the same result. The auto start works OK. I have been following the start procedures closely thinking I may have missed something but can't see where I have. During a couple of test flights if I disengage & then re-engage the AP the Alert signal will not stop even if it re-engages. I have to ignore it and turn down the sound slider. I have re-installed the program in the event something was ami
  4. Thanks for the quick response Litjan. Yes there is a work around as you suggest and it's not a real problem to keep the menu out of the way. It had me a bit bamboozled at first as I had only seen this happen once before when flying a shared cockpit in the Zibo. The Avitab virtually took control of the mouse clicks & would not allow the preset views to work on the NumPad. I streamed a flight with the B300 today on YT and that's where it became evident early on before I managed to avoid overlaying Avitab.
  5. So happy to be flying this aircraft once again. Just a minor thing I have noticed. When leaving the Pop Out Menu enabled as default, it only activates when the mouse is moved left to off screen & then it remains against the border up or down. When this is disabled in the preferences & a key/joystick button is assigned in the data refs, the pop up can appear anywhere. I use this preference, but I have noticed that if the menu appears on top of the Avitab screen, not only can you no longer drag it away but none of the menu buttons can be activated while it is sitting on Avitab. The
  6. Thanks again for your reply. I normally run in Windows mode because I have 3 screens & need to switch to the odd accompanying program using the Task bar, but I have assigned a joystick button that can switch to wide screen. There was no change to the views. I have solved the problem by changing the FOV setting from 60 to 80 following your suggestion. Oddly it was on 60 with 11.2 & stayed on 60 when I upgraded to 11.3. Go figure. My "slamming" comment was just making light of what was becoming an annoyance to me with always having to use the keyboard comma to move out wi
  7. Thanks for your reply. I have taken a screen shot of the oxygen control as an example of what is happening. I have checked my plugins and hardly anything has changed except there are 2 recently dated files although I am not capable of deciphering whether their data would have any effect on the Saab views. I realized that the views would have been hard coded which is why I couldn't figure out how they were being messed up unless it was an XP problem or maybe something to do with screen resolution. Would a re-install be a possible solution? Regards. DataRefs.txt Commands.
  8. Since upgrading to X-Plane 11.30 I have noticed that when I run through the checklist and click on view I almost slam my face into the panels. I can still zoom in closer but can't pull back with the mouse scroll and have to use the keyboard in/out buttons. Is there a way to return the views to the original default either in the Preferences file or is it something that can be adjusted in XP itself. I don't have any problem with any assigned views to the NumPad as these can be easily edited.
  9. Well, just a reload of XP seems to have done the trick. No need for me to reload the IXEG program & the pop out is there where it should be. As I mentioned before it appears a change in A/C is the trigger.
  10. Second time this has happened when I changed from Zibo B738 while sitting at an airport. What is not visible in the pix in the top RH corner is "LUA Stopped." The Gizmo pop out no longer appears & no buttons can be moved/switched. Last time I (and this time) I reloaded the scripts with no result. Question :- What is the the Hotfix used for & do I need an ID? Also would the message that my software was authenticated popping up when another A/C was loaded have any bearing on the problem....just asking. Last time it all came good after I had exited X-plane & reloaded IXEG s
  11. I stand corrected. Yes it should have been Defender advice & I turned it off together with the firewall while doing my tests. They went back on after. Even though I had the exclusion for the X-Plane folder I was still getting the big drop in frame rates with Ver 1.20 when inputting during the flights. Not so now with Ver 1.21...so far so good.
  12. Well I gave the FMC a bit of a workout today between YBHM & YBBN. I deliberately left out the STAR arrival until half way to test how the frame rates would react. With Ver 1.20 my frame rates would drop to near zero while it computed & that was with Windows Firewall turned off as previously recommended. I learned to live with it & to hit the exec button a few times until it woke up & the frame rates went back to normal. My tests with Ver 1.21 revealed the following :- With Firewall off & input in the FMC for Star to RWY 19....no drop in FR...smooth as silk.
  13. Just tried a quick take off from YMML before getting ready for bed. I deliberately left the cargo hatches open (ground handler missed those when doing his check) At just over 10,000' the horn went off and pressure dropped. No 1 engine bleed faulted. I think I noted everything. This A/C is the cat's pyjamas & a joy to fly. I am spending far too much time having fun.
  14. Happy to see that it didn't wipe my liveries or routes. I was sweating there for a while. I will be firing it up shortly.
  15. I found the cold coffee cup, now where did IXEG hide that IFR probe?
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