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  1. The following video traces the flight from KBOS to KJFK as described in the official manual for the Saab 340A by Leading Edge Simulations. Embarrassed by my sloppy landing, the following shot video demonstrates a better effort.
  2. Downloaded and reinstallation appears to have fixed everything. :-)
  3. How to map my pedals to control, BOTH rudder and nosewheel, it seems it can do either one but not both!
  4. I spoke to soon, worked properly for a minute not not working again. Mapped pedals to nosewheel tiller, have nosewheel but no rudder. Does Saab have unique mapping for everything, abbreviations used in the X-Plane mappings dont make it very easy to find things, especially if you're not familiar with all systems and how devs might name things, I've seen NWS, nosewheel, tiller et al, all used to reference the same thing.
  5. Maybe working with CH Pro Pedals Right Toe is Yaw Left Toe is Left Brake Pedals is Right Brake and the nosewheel steering mapping was set to X-Plane steering not Saab 340A.
  6. Ok I get, there is no direct link to fora. Go to the little icon on upper right then: >browse>Forums It is misleading because at the top of the page it says Forums X-Pilot.com but its not the forums!
  7. My Saab 340A is no longer responding to my pedals or joystick....x-plane is but Saab isnt. Went to reinstall and it wants email and password, and it says my information is wrong, I only changed passwords yesterday because I couldnt get in. I know my email address and password but that doesnt help! Getting tired!
  8. Whenever I log in to x-pilot I see a limited number of forum options, Saab 340A is NOT one of them, nor is manufacturers! I got here by searching the web, and resonding to someone elses question So if enter login to x-pilot, how do I get here?
  9. I'm trying to use my CH pedals pro with the LES Saab 340A. Initially attempted using default Windows driver I presume (I could see a picture of my pedals in the config window), but: the Yaw was where the left brake should have been the left brake was the right brake the right brake was YAW Yikes, try using that! I download the CH Control App to configure the driver....still no joy. Using X-Plane default planes everything works as it should. Using the LES Saab 340A with the CH Manager the break pedals function properly, the rudder
  10. Yes just tried that wheel on the drvers side, ddnt seem to have much effect. Can pull it up and Push it down, and after multiple attempts at dragging the knob, it made a quarter turn, but had little effect on the nosewheel, but a bit difficult to tell since heads down while turning. Sometimes the pedal may work for couple os seconds but nothing reliable.
  11. Im using CH Pedals pro but cant control nose wheel and brakes pedals move but have no effect! Tried the CH manager put removed it after, nose wheel still didnt work.
  12. Use the engage/disengage option in the Saab section of the keybindings.
  13. Disconnected both Thrustmaster devices, reboot, I’m controlling nosewheel activation by keyboard...no different! still moving randomly when activated and still or no movement when nose wheel disabled. :-(
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