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  1. Hello, j'ai posté ça hier sur le forum xplane.fr Tiens au passage un p'tit truc, si après l'upgrade vous n'avez pas le menu des préférences qui s'affiche quand vous positionnez la souris sur le bord gauche de votre écran, il faut activer l'option.Pour ce faire , aller dans plugin, Gizmo64,Windows, Ixeg737 et desactivez l'option "Disable pop-out préférences..."
  2. Do you use "124thatc" plugin. If yes remove it , I had exactly the same problem (licence failed) with this plugin.
  3. Ok i found what is the problem, in preference menu , option "Disable main menu pop-out" is activated by default.
  4. I have the same problem, impossible to display pref menu with the mouse on the left, i have to go through plugin window.
  5. I confirm, this set doesn't work.
  6. Hello, it was the 124thatc plugin that was causing the "Level2-fail licence invalid" problem. After removing this plugin, the 737-300 works normally. Thanks to the Ixeg support team for their help.
  7. Same for me , still no power no sound after update !
  8. @Cameron Update doesn't work for me see my post please https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/27190-ixeg-no-power/?do=findComment&comment=195360
  9. This morning after applying update, same problem , Level2-FAIL. I download from my account IXEG_737_Classic_Plus_1.5.zip I unzip this file I run IXEG737CP-windows-x64-installer.exe Installer uninstall previous version installer install new version Launch XP12 flight with Ixeg737-300 Ask for licence Set preference Set START STATE to Cold an Dark , APPLY SETTINGS No Power , No sound. Exit XP12 and launch a new flight as above, same problem. I remark that installer (IXEG737CP-windows-x64-installer.exe) from today has exactly same timestamp and size as the one uploaded on Saturday morning. Is it normal ? Log.txt
  10. I hope that you will make a commercial gesture to the users who have been waiting for 4 days to be able to use your 737-300.
  11. I've been doing simulations for decades, but this is the first time that, after buying an aircraft, I can't use it because of a licence validation problem. It's simply unacceptable that a fix isn't published after 3 days. I am really disappointed with the way Ixeg treats its customers.
  12. So who can answer this question?
  13. That doesn't work for me, @Litjan I haven't been able to use it since I bought it! When will a fix be available?
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