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  1. Hello I would highly appreciate if someone could make a Jordan Aviation livery, for the IXEG such as this one.
  2. Hello I have recently picked up Sky Max Pro and not too pleased with it.I have played with my settings and watched some videos before,and I still cant get a reasonable balance between performance and the overall cloud representation.When I disable Sky Max Pro my fps goes back up to what it was before I had bought the product.Currently I regret buying this product.


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    2. airlinepilot44
    3. airlinepilot44


      Do you think there will be much performance improvements in v4.7 of Sky Max Pro ?

    4. sundog


      We haven't planned what will be in 4.7 yet, so the honest answer is I don't know. Offhand I don't know of anything we can do to substantially make it faster than it is already, without sacrificing quality or something else.

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